Hi guys!

This is something very close to my heart. I partnered up with Qhubeka and need your help!

Qhubeka is a South African charity that moves people forward with bicycles – improving their access to schools, health-care centers, and places of work. The name Qhubeka means, appropriately, “to move forward”. I had the pleasure of joining the Breitling squad to bring the spotlight to this amazing cause in South Africa in 2018.

But there is more to be done. These kids don’t have much and sometimes need to walk over an hour to get to school every morning. The idea of getting a bike for them so they save time makes total sense.

To change other lives for the better, even just a little bit, is something of a greater cause and motivates me even more to push myself and to give my very last drop of energy.

So I came up with the following idea:

My first race will be 70.3 Dubai on February 1st, 2019 and my goal is to donate, with your help, a total of 5000 Euro before the race starts (Cut off to donate will be midnight the day before on January 31)

As an additional motivation for you and me, I thought that if we reach the 5’000 Euro I am going to donate 100% of my prize money if I place in the top 6.

The prize money breakdown in Dubai 70.3 is as follow (in Dollars):

1. place 6’000

2. place  3’000

3. place 2’250

4. place 1’500

5. place 1’250

6. place 1’000

However, the competition is fierce. I think I can have a crack for the top 5 on a great day but anything can happen in the first race of the season.

 But even if I am not placing in the top 6 or if we don’t reach the 5’000 Euro I am going to donate 10% (with a cap at 5’000 Euro) of the amount we raised which would be 500 Euro in the best case if we reach the goal but I don’t place in the top 6.

I will do a lottery give away after Dubai, which will be the new Polar Vantage V or an M460 cycle computer. You choose! Plus I will do an annual social training ride with all of you Dubai 70.3 donors in May 2019.

I would be thrilled if we could reach the goal of 5’000 Euro by next Thursday.

Important! Every any donation is highly appreciated.

My year-end target is to get 20’000 Euro total. If we reach more I have no problem of course ( – ; !




PS: Check out this video and see the amazing impact Qhubeka is having on so many kids!




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