Athlete management

At I-Ron, we believe in the importance of one-on-one relationships. Each athlete will be able to rely on the I-Ron family as they have a perfect partner by their side. Our athletes can fully concentrate on their sport as we deliver top performance in athlete management. 

We highly value honesty, hard work and excellence, which we demand not only from ourselves, but also from our partners, therefore creating foundation for maximum success. Thanks to our wide range of services, we can support you in a success-oriented and flexible manner. Your goals are also our goals. We go the extra mile with you and are your most reliable partner.

Career Development

Our team of 3 has many years of experience in the sports industry, not only in management, but also through their own sporting careers, so that individual career paths are easy to understand on a personal level and the advice is therefore closer to the athlete.
Together we use the resources of our network to open new doors, improve career paths and secure leadership opportunities in teams, leagues or your respective sport. We break down traditional barriers to connect you with decision makers and ensure your full focus on your career while we take care of the rest.

Contract Negotiation

Even though this item falls under Career Development, we would like to highlight this again. It is not a matter of course in sports that do not have the greatest importance in the media to generate a good income. That’s why contracts play an important role in every athlete’s career. We strive to correct this imbalance and also support our athletes in mediation and negotiation in sponsorship contracts.
We work side-by-side with sponsors who have proven themselves in their respective sport. We offer trusted, experienced guidance through the entire process. We look at each deal individually and also consider the impact on an athlete’s overall career. It is important to us to find the best overall package of foresight and safety for our athletes

Content & Production

As social media activities in particular are becoming more and more important and are essential for every athlete, we offer support, especially in mediation for creative supervision and production of content.
Of course, we draw on the skills of our in-house expertise as well as our network of content production partners to create the best possible content tailored to your needs. We manage both the mentoring and creative aspects of your project to create world-class content and unparalleled creative.

Career Transition

The transition after the end of a career poses huge challenges for most athletes. In sports, which usually make it impossible to pursue a dual career due to the great effort involved in training, this transition is all the more important.
Even during an athlete’s career, we pay attention to what potential opportunities, after consultation with the athlete, could also arise for him on a professional level after his career. Of course, this does not apply at the level of sport, but also beyond that. We stand here as companions on this journey with our athletes.

Becoming I-Ron