Ronnie Schildknecht

Football, inline hockey, tennis: Even as a child, all my activities were absolutely sports related. It should stay that way, so I turned into a Pro in triathlon at the age of 22.As a triathlete I was able to celebrate many successes, including 11 Ironman victories, 9 of them at Ironman Switzerland. I was also the first athlete to go under eight hours on North American soil. For one and a half decades, I was the driving force in the Swiss long-distance triathlon for men and therefore know the scene better than anyone else. All this experience, packed with know-how and many valuable contacts, help me in my current job as a sports manager. I pursue this role with the same passion and determination that shaped me as a triathlete.

Toni Pinkes

Ever since I was a child, Sport has played a major role in my life. From that point on, my career as a competitive athlete in the sport of swimming has accompanied me throughout my life. These experiences as an athlete shaped me so much that I decided to do a Bachelor’s degree in sports science. But not only the sport itself was of interest to me, also the economic component behind brought me to the point, to complete my Masters in Sports Management. My experience as an athlete in combination with my academic background motivates me to pass this knowledge on to our athletes on board and to look after them in the best possible way.